Head thinker or Heart thinker?

Are you targeting the head or the heart? I know my personality is to go logical. I’m a head thinker and not a heart thinker. Teaching has started to force me to be both. My students need both. I feel it’s my duty to send them out into the world knowing they can think with both. 

The Behavioral Guys talked about motivating with questions and I absolutely agree. I can tell the difference in my lessons when I ask rather than tell. Asking tells my kids that it’s ok to have their own answer and it’s ok if it’s not the same as mine.

Kids respond differently when they feel their thoughts and questions are valued. Some are still taught that questioning an adult is not becoming and refrain from doing so. Many times we are quick to disregard because how could what they say or think be any better than what we do? Is it possible to think they know more than are given credit for? Be a heart thinker and find out.


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