Who said it first?

The conversations our parents had with our teachers are the exact same I have the privilege of having in my own room. Parents are concerned about our education system as a whole and, like us, they feel lost on what they could even possibly do to make changes.

Thinking back on my years in school, elementary through secondary, I vividly remember creating and building things during those years that I can still talk about today. Specifically teaching myself to make flan for a history lesson. I was forced to learn by doing and also given the choice as to what that would look like. History class was full of self made posters and recreated artifacts. ELAR we published and sold our very own holiday cards. Were we graded on these? Of course we were but what I took out of it has far surpassed that letter grade.

Periodically my children have that “old school” teacher that forces their mind to think outside the box and create and do.Guess what? They thrive when forced to think differently. It’s a nice break from the norm. Determining movement in progressive education in the US is hit or miss depending on where you live and learn. Who decides if we’ve moved and made progress? What are we making progress towards? Pandemic mode was surely a move in a direction that not every parent, administrator, or teacher was completely thrilled about or supported completely. Is this another Goldilocks and the Three Bears? What’s just right for one may be far from warm enough for another.

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