It Takes A Village

I can remember working my way through undergrad school and feeling like I had to do it all on my own. After all it was my degree right? If I had to have a group to get me through it was it even something I should even be doing.

I was wrong. What I’m learning is that it’s the group that makes this all connect! It’s the group conversations that allow the articles and books and confusion to finally settle and begin to flow together smoothly. The beauty of it all is I don’t feel like I’m just taking. I haven’t realized until this semester just how much I have to offer. Humor–check. Sarcasm–check check. Insight-check.

We started our group chats and weekly zoom meetings hoping that we could all just make it through the 8 weeks and be done. What I don’t think we realized then was just how nice the friendships would be and how much we would need our Village.

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