Is my school afraid?

I recently watch the Ted Talk with Azul Terronez where is poses the question on what makes a good teacher great. He mentions that schools don’t tend to ask students this because they are afraid. Afraid of what? The truth? Afraid of having to listen to the voice of an 8 year old confidently say what they need from us?

For the past 5 years I have felt like I’ve given teaching in room 2036 my best. My best time, dedication after school hours, extra professional development. Content focused growth opportunities. Do these extra things, my best, correlate to making me a great teacher?

The physical act of doing is not where it is. It’s found in the thinking, making connections, building relationships. Students don’t need another content “expert”. They need someone who is willing to get into the nitty gritty of the why and the how. Someone that understands there’s more to learning than just going through the process. Move past the assumptions of kids “nowadays”.

How would my students answer that question? Am I meeting their needs? Expectations? Or would they teach me more with one answer than I will in an entire year?

“A great teacher loves to teach. A great teacher loves to learn.”


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