Who owns this?

Audrey Waters’ article hints on how students are presented with digital citizenship during grade school and the notion that they leave thinking whatever they put on on the web will haunt them for life. I do feel it is necessary for young ones to be made aware of what awaits them, but this could possibly hinder many students from wanting to participate in anything digital at all. Unwillingness to participate due to fear removes any ownership the students could have if they are forced to do so.

Ownership to students is nonexistent if they do not have a voice or a choice in the matter of learning. I teach 5th grade and we continuously preach owning what you’re learning and the outcome. Encouraging students to strive to make themselves proud of the process. Asking my students to create an ePortfolio and then putting limits on what it could and could not be would be contradictory. Grading these ePortfolios would have to follow a broad range of expectations. We have been given an exceptional amount of choice and voice in this course. This was followed by some guidelines and chat about minimal criteria. Expectations but not limits. 

Ownership follows the creator. Can I own something I had no choice in? I feel that’s a no. Can I be graded based off of personal experiences and thoughts? To an extent I say yes. Grade based off of meeting expectations and not content.