The Power of Growth Mindset

Two words…Not yet. Something I have repeated to my students for years. My go to response when they say they just don’t get it. The response of not yet but you will changes their thinking. The change isn’t automatic or quick but as the year progresses their belief of the not yet does as well. I find it easier to push my students in math and struggle with doing the same in science. It’s easy to praise the process and skills in math. Students today are so caught up in the scores they receive and lose focus of the process and end result. They have lost sight of the opportunity for growth that comes with imperfection.

Knowing I need to push myself out of the the fixed mindset that I am ever so comfortable in and into growth makes me anxious. I think allowing myself to see the growth will help with the feeling of failure that tends to come when the outcome is not how I had planned. I’m learning in my years of adulthood to accept feedback with love as the foundation. Not criticism. I always saw it that way and was not open to hearing any of it!

So what’s there to change? Fixed mindset people like to look smart. Looking smart doesn’t allow them to fail at anything challenging. We avoid it. Feedback that isn’t what we want to hear doesn’t mean anything to us “Fixed” people. Success is supposed to be easy. Shifting over to a growth mindset means I need to learn to embrace things that do not come easily. There will be failure and with that comes feedback and criticism. Embrace it. Learn from it.


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