Quitter Quitter? Quitter No More

Before this starting this current course at Lamar I would’ve definitely said I was on a growth mindset. Why wouldn’t I be?! After just one short week I realize that is 100% not the case. Fixed is all I’ve ever known and it’s a struggle to begin to change that. Doable but a struggle. My main goal for my campus is to implement ePortfolios for all of my students. Seems easy enough now to think about it but a year ago I knew it was going to take some elbow grease and consistency and every time I backed out. There were so many unknowns when it came to starting and that makes me uncomfortable. What would I do if I started and it didn’t work out quite as planned? That wasn’t an option for me. This fear of failure has kept me from moving forward with so many things in life. I know people say that failure leads to success but I’d just rather not fail, so I just stop. I’m learning to stop quitting. Growth mindset is all about learning from these moments when things don’t go quite as planned and growing from the feelings of wanting to quit. I know why I’ve wanted to do everything I’ve tried and I have to remember that the why is the most important part. The rest  comes with commitment. 


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