The COVA framework is not something I took to right away. I definitely had to ease myself through the book and the process. My first course felt like a free-for-all. No one was telling me what to do or how to do it just that it needed to be done by a certain date. Absolutely hated every minute the first couple of weeks! Had I known then what I know now I think I might have despised it a little less. Dr. H. did a phenomenal job at implementing COVA without really telling us what he was doing. Freedom to choose what we were doing, what it looked like, and how we were going to do it. I thought he was insane. How could this even work for this degree plan? I realize now that without having the freedom to do those things, I wouldn’t appreciate the time it took to get here nor would I feel like I really accomplished anything. Do I enjoy the COVA approach? Not Yet. Will I begin to at some point? I fully believe I will.


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