Wrapping Up 5302 Concepts of Educational Technology Compilation

Upon starting this course, I naively thought I would dabble in ways to implement technology in my classroom in way that felt more student focused and beneficial to them. I was nowhere near prepared for the amount of self growth I would experience in a measly 9 weeks. I believe this course came at the most opportune time in my life and teaching career. A time when I needed to feel uncomfortable in my career and yet feel guided towards change in a way I have not experienced before.

This course focused on moving out of a fixed mindset and into growth. This meant being accepting of failing at things we long to be perfect at. I have always been that kind of person in my classroom. I’ve pushed my kids out of perfection but never once thought of shoving myself. I will fail at some point, and thanks to Dr. Bedard, I have the resources and the will to move from that failure and learn to see it as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Concepts of Technology in Education required me to develop a Growth Mindset Plan focused on embracing that process myself but also encouraging my teammates to as well. The presentation I created is a very valuable tool I will be using to begin implementation of my innovation plan for my campus.

Probably one of my favorite pieces from this course was the Professional Learning Communities conversations. I have always felt like a secret educational shopper. I didn’t want anyone else to know that some activities in my classroom weren’t my own. Sounds ridiculous. 5302 blew those doors of secrecy wide open for me. There are millions of educators that use these learning communities just as much as I do and many of us utilize the same ones! Who would’ve thought! Having the support of the communities of fellow educators makes this career so much more doable. We are all in this together!

Finally, 5302 had me elbow deep in what my Learning Manifesto actually was. Up until this point, I had never thought about it. I’ve always known my “whys” and what I really felt passionate about but forcing yourself to put it out for others to see is a completely different ballgame. What I learned was that my why wasn’t just for me. It bled into all other areas of my life and made it difficult for me to focus on. Creating this manifesto helped narrow those areas down to something that was much more mangable. One of my most challenging and favorite assignments to date!

Nine weeks came to a close much quicker than I had wanted. This course has changed who I am as an educator and a person. It is perfectly placed in my career of learning and I know the pieces I am taking from here will be so unbelievable beneficial to the rest of my time here at Lamar but also personally and professionally.


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