Concepts of Educational Technology- Learning Community

From start to finish in nine weeks, this course has been my favorite by a long shot. I feel like having a beginners start to COVA from the prior courses has allowed me to open my mind to change and really try to take it all in. It doesn’t always have to be the way it’s always been.

This course focused on moving out of a fixed mindset and into growth. This meant being accepting of failing at things we long to be perfect at. I have always been that kind of person in my classroom. I’ve pushed my kids out of perfection but never once thought of shoving myself. I will fail at some point, and thanks to Dr. Bedard, I have the resources and the will to move from that failure and learn to see it as an opportunity for growth and learning.

My learning community played such a major role for this course. Maria Rodman, Avery Nihill, LIndsey Wallace, Robin Ballard, Michelle Richey, Aliscia Drummond and Lindsay Hoerig-Cavanagh are some of the best educators and such inspirations. We’ve been together from the very first course back in January with Dr. H and I cannot picture moving forward without their wide range of expertise and willingness to be open and collaborate. Our group created a Google Slides deck when we first joined together so we could have one common place for all of our links and ideas and resources. This is something I use with every single assignment for feedback and ideas. We have used our GroupMe chat daily to keep up with assignments or just bounce ideas back and forth. I like that this is just one click on my phone and it’s so easy to connect with any of them. Outside of the realm of chats we made it a priority to attend Zoom meetings on Tuesday/Wednesday every week after class. This was more of a moral and emotional support for me than it was educational. I needed to hear that i was on the right path and some weeks just to clarify what I was supposed to be doing. Hearing it from these ladies just made it all alright.

One of the things I like about the courses I have taken at Lamar is that I have been required to do a self assess after completion. I respect this process because it puts the responsibility of my learning back where it belongs. My discussion posts were done within the time frame given. I feel that the conversations in this course were fantastic! The area I want to make improvements on is my discussion responses. I know I have more to offer than what I put out there during the last nine weeks. I want to make it a priority to try and make connections with others that aren’t necessarily on the same page as I am. It makes the process so much more beneficial when you have others willing to talk about their learning as well. Along with my discussion posts, all other assignments were completed and turned in before the deadline throughout the entire course.

Considering all of the pieces in my learning community and my role and responsibilities, I am giving myself a self-assessment score of 97.

Nine weeks came to a close much quicker than I had wanted. This course has changed who I am as an educator and a person. It is perfectly placed in my career of learning and I know the pieces I am taking from here will be so unbelievable beneficial to the rest of my time here at Lamar but also personally and professionally.

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