There’s No Crying in Professional Learning

Professional learning is so ineffective because it’s the same year after year. On the off chance that we are given something new and improved during one session, the expectation of implementation is unrealistic given everything else that is asked of teachers. This has been my gripe for years! I love some of the concepts and strategies that I have been introduced to but I have no time left over to dig deeper into them and find a way to implement faithfully. 

The Mirage reports were full of dollar amounts being spent on all of the professional learning that teachers are offered. I could honestly say I have no clue where that money is spent in my district minus the coaches that each subject and grade level has. Referring to this previous school year, I did not attend a single professional learning event that was put on but someone outside of my school district. I also was not offered any opportunity to attend or participate in anything that was not related to my specific content of math and science. Professional learning has so much more to do with reaching teachers on a personal level outside of the classroom that isn’t always focused on the subject taught. 

Can my organization change? Yes> Are they willing? History is telling me no. My part in Professional Learning is so small it’s almost non-existent. Starting with a small grain of change is better than none. 

Redefine, Reevaluate, Reinvent


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