Reform or Revolution?

I find it quite difficult to think that our education system today is nothing more than the carrot and stick. State standards, tests, and grading are nothing less than a show of who can master which concept. My students do not master all concepts in 5th grade for a variety of reasons. Some within my control and theirs, others not so much. 

I would be lying if I said the majority of my teaching thus far has been the carrot and stick. Embarrassingly I have never experienced anything different until starting here at Lamar. How could I possibly teach any other way?

 Sir Ken Robinson is such a phenomenal speaker. His level of bluntness is amazing! Sometimes that’s exactly what we need to hear for it to register. I hold on to the line where Sir Ken Robinson states that reform is of no use anymore. It simply improves a broken model. Our system needs to be completely transformed for any chance of making a difference in our children. 

I would love to believe that my evolving learning philosophy will completely change what goes on in my classroom next year. That is an unrealistic expectation to place upon myself. What I strive for next year is to see change in my environment with my students and allow them to excel in ways that haven’t been offered to them yet. 

TED. (2010, May 24). Bring on the learning revolution! | Sir Ken Robinson [Video]. YouTube.


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