Lead to Tow

I’m not a great storyteller but I like to think I’m a phenomenal listener. I like to focus on the smaller details that others usually miss. Watch facial expressions and reactions of others and build on what I’m hearing. Professional learning doesn’t exist consistently in my district….yet. We are making small gains but not quickly enough for my liking. When given the opportunity to choose who I attend PD from I’ve learned who tells the best, most relatable stories and that’s where i go. Not only is it entertaining, but it makes it relevant and I take more from it. 

My role as the presenter is to gain the trust of my audience and allow them to follow me on the journey that we should all be going on together. I don’t want them to feel like it’s every man for himself. Trying as hard as I can I will not have every educator in my boat at the same time though. Some will just not care enough at the time to buy in, others will have hesitations due to other buy-in that didn’t last. The only thing I can do is continue to tell them the story and offer to take them along even if it’s on a raft being towed behind. 


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