Is it long enough?

We have tools to measure for lengths of all sorts of things in our lives……everything except professional learning. How do we begin to judge if it’s long enough or not quite there yet? Peer feedback? Audience engagement?

Does having a shorter video to watch mean more engagement and willingness to do it? For me, I think it’s a toss up. Sometimes I see that the video, or presentation isn’t long at all and find myself zoning out simply because there isn’t enough time for me to gain a deep focus of what I’m hearing or seeing. I think we need to find a happy medium that is shorter but long enough to give all important information. Walk and Talks are my favorite way to collaborate and connect with others. Having a busy body allows my mind to really focus on the conversation at hand and give it my full attention. If I’m asked to sit and talk, that’s exactly what happens, we sit and talk about something completely different than our focus at the time. Allowing educators to participate in that type of PL opens so many other possibilities for what PL could look like. When you realize we are gaining more from the shorter and active sessions, why would anyone want to go back to something that is quickly becoming stagnant?


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