5318 Contribution to my Learning and the Learning Community

For the second Fall session at Lamar I was in the EDLD 5318 Instructional Design course. Out of  all of the other courses I have taken, 5318 was the one that really allowed me to start making connections and putting things in place for my professional learning course. Using connections I was able to pull from 5313 where we touched base on what effective professional learning looked like, my course design now has come full circle with having to plan how to implement strategies of CSLE and teach my campus what this would look like while working through our professional learning on ePortfolio, More times than not those connections were made because of the team we have created from the very beginning.  Fully confident that I would not have made it through feeling as confident as I do without the help of  Avery N., Lindsay H., Maria R., Michelle R., Robin B., and Lindsey W. We have utilized our GroupMe Chats to support and answer questions daily, meet up weekly to discuss assignments and debrief from class videos and help to make sure we were all on the same page. 

Using the feedforward feedback from my teammates and Dr. Bellard I was able to  take a fresh look at my material and adjust when needed. Sometimes it was as simple as moving a link on my professional learning plan, or changing the order in which I present things. 

5318 had me pulling all of my pieces that were created in other classes together to begin forming one cohesive Instructional Design for Professional Learning. This gave me time and opportunity to organize my thoughts and the learning process in which I was looking to follow. Prior to this course my objectives were misaligned with my content and my expectations of participants were not as clear as they should have been. Using my implementation timeline and reshaping the outline for the course has most definitely helped form a cohesive piece that is almost ready to offer on campus. The usability testing that was done allowed me to receive very influential feedback from other teachers on my team as well as from my administrators. From their feedback and participation input I was able to make changes and adjust the course. 

In my discussion posts for this course, I read the required materials and watch the videos that were assigned before responding to others. I also cited my assignments and responses from others in class. This semester I have been working on my work-life-school balance. This is the first course that I have felt it lean more to one side and the adjustment has not been easy. I started the course off with an empty plate and schedule and I was expecting myself to stay ahead of the discussions and assignments. I found myself putting things off simply because I felt like I had to choose certain tasks to complete.  Time management for this course had to be my focus and needed to be kept front and center or else I found myself procrastinating.

My self grade for 5318 Instructional Design Online Learning is a 91/100  because I met all key contributions and supporting contributions for this class. I do acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in time management, collaborating and learning.


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