Applying Educational Technology

Taking this course has empowered me to begin embracing technology and viewing it as a tool for our students and not something that’s just done in the down time. I feel this course has allowed me to learn to express my thoughts and ideas concerning education amongst all kinds of other areas in a way that is taken seriously and valued.

Contribution to Learning Community


Applying Educational Technology  in Lamar University’s Digital Learning and Leading course, was my first of two courses that started this journey. The end goal was to create an ePortfolio to reflect, share, and grow through using my voice. Upon beginning this course Dr. Harapnuik provided a slew of ePortfolios from previous students to use as inspiration.One of the first things I noticed looking at some of the sites was just how creative and unique each of them were. I was given freedom to choose which platform to build from and what it would look like and not much more. I’m not a fan of freedom. I need to know all the in’s and out’s of the expectations and what I’m being raded on specifically. This granting of freedom, I would later learn, would be the thorn in my side.

That pain in my side would be lessened by the most amazing group members for this course. My learning community included Michelle Richey, Maria Rodman, Lindsay Hoerig, Avery Nihill, Lindsey Wallace, Aliscia Drummond, Robin Ballard and myself.We met via zoom every Tuesday evening after the scheduled 5303 course meeting. During our zoom meetings we would share screens and show our ever emerging ePortfolios. Doing this allowed each of us to get ideas and see how others were making their ideas flow and connect on their blogs. Outside of our weekly zoom meetings, we utilized the chatting feature in Group Me pretty much all hours of the day. This chatting feature was useful to share references, videos on tweaking the blogs or setting up and ideas for content. We used our ePortfolios as a landing page for our Disruptive Education course. My ePortfolio houses my Innovation Proposal, Literature Review and my Implementation Outline for my Innovation Project. I was initially apprehensive about taking two courses at a time for my first bit at a Master’s Program but this course was a perfect pairing for the EDLD 5305. 

I’ve learned that I need this landing page to help reflect on my journey. Before creating this ePortfolio I would often dig through digital folders and spend hours hunting for specific thoughts most times coming up empty handed. I hated the process and the messiness. My ePortfolio has taught me to be patient as one liners evolved into paragraphs and eventually scrolly worthy blog posts. The end result does not always have to be known to begin. I’ve learned that my ePortfolio will never be complete and that has to be ok with me. I struggled with connecting my ePortfolio to making changes in our world of education. My site is a way to communicate my hopes, desires and dreams for education. It’s something I’m proud of today and will continue to grow with.