Assessing Digital Learning

Assessment and Measurement through Action Research

The Action Research Design for this course will help measure the results of my innovation plan to implement ePortfolios in our curriculum. The research part of the design had me thinking I was about to start over again with my implementation process, but it actually ended up being quite the opposite. Action research is more of an ongoing concept that must be planned out. As a teacher, I use this same strategy each and every day to analyze lesson presentations and student understanding. I adjust accordingly and then re-evaluate. This process doesn’t end, the topic or concept just changes. Teachers are continuously collecting data and analyzing to make adjustments.This is exactly what an action research plan is.

Action Research Outline

My action research outline focuses on how utilizing ePortfolios in the science classroom and reinforce content reflection.  Developing my action research outline helped me narrow down my research question from a very broad concept of ePortfolio usage to specifically 5th grade science.

Literature Review

Through a comprehensive literature review, I was able to find and use research to explore effective use of ePortfolios in grade school aged children, encouraging student choice, voice and deepened opportunities for learning, investigate usage within science curriculum, while also determining effective steps to educate with the use of  technology and maintain achievement. This literature review will define what exactly an  ePortfolio is, what it’s not, and how best to implement and use them effectively in a school setting.  

4 Stages of Action Research

  • The planning stage-
    • Identifying and gathering information on a limited topic. Using this information to develop a research plan.
  • The acting stage-
    • Implementing the plan and collecting data to analyze.
  • The developing stage-
    • Developing a plan of action while collaborating with team members.
  • The reflecting stage-
    • Sharing and communicating results and reflecting on the process.

Action Research Plan

The purpose of the research is to determine if utilizing an ePortfolio can aid in the development of content and lesson reflection in a 5th grade science setting. My Action Research Plan includes research design, research methods, type of data that will be collected, and measurement instruments.


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