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5320 Contribution to My Learning and the Learning Community

I am wrapping up my journey with Lamar this term with Synthesis of ADL: 5320.  This course required the use of multiple pieces of work that I have completed with previous instructors. This meant that I was able to revisit pieces that I felt were not finished to my liking and polish them up just […]

5318 Contribution to my Learning and the Learning Community

For the second Fall session at Lamar I was in the EDLD 5318 Instructional Design course. Out of  all of the other courses I have taken, 5318 was the one that really allowed me to start making connections and putting things in place for my professional learning course. Using connections I was able to pull […]

Is it long enough?

We have tools to measure for lengths of all sorts of things in our lives……everything except professional learning. How do we begin to judge if it’s long enough or not quite there yet? Peer feedback? Audience engagement? Does having a shorter video to watch mean more engagement and willingness to do it? For me, I […]

Living in Growth

The first few weeks of a new school year are the most challenging and frustrating times in my classroom. Getting to know new kiddos, new schedules and flow, and the inevitable “this is too hard” comments. A couple of years ago I started responding with a simple “I’m sorry” and pointing to a chart hanging […]

Questions and Curiosity

Can you prepare learners to question and be curious or is it something they are born doing? I think all kids are born questioning life and everything out there and are so very curious about what lays ahead but something changes it. Blaming just the education system sounds a bit harsh but it truly might […]

Lead to Tow

I’m not a great storyteller but I like to think I’m a phenomenal listener. I like to focus on the smaller details that others usually miss. Watch facial expressions and reactions of others and build on what I’m hearing. Professional learning doesn’t exist consistently in my district….yet. We are making small gains but not quickly […]

Change of Scenery

 If you’re ever comfortable where you’re at… need a change of scenery. This is true for students and adults! Adults aren’t much more willing than students are to make those changes though. Kids need to see adults and their peers work through those times that they are unsure of the outcome and really get a […]

Are you a connector or collector?

Teaching our students to make meaningful connections should be the goal of every educator. Easier said than done though. Something that we feel shouldn’t be so difficult to implement almost feels like a never ending losing battle. Why? Is it because we have to begin to undo the years of collections and fill that void […]

Reform or Revolution?

I find it quite difficult to think that our education system today is nothing more than the carrot and stick. State standards, tests, and grading are nothing less than a show of who can master which concept. My students do not master all concepts in 5th grade for a variety of reasons. Some within my […]

There’s No Crying in Professional Learning

Professional learning is so ineffective because it’s the same year after year. On the off chance that we are given something new and improved during one session, the expectation of implementation is unrealistic given everything else that is asked of teachers. This has been my gripe for years! I love some of the concepts and […]


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