Contribution to Learning: Digital Environment Resources 5317

Almost to the end of my masters program and for Fall 1 I took Digital Environment Resources with Dr. Bedard. Without the ongoing support of my ladies and Dr. B, I would have in no way felt successful taking this course. So many new and terrifying things I had to overcome! Lindsey W., Avery N., Robin B., Michelle R.,  Lindsay H., and  Maria R. were the forceful, yet gentle, push that I needed each and every week to accomplish so many new things. We have utilized our GroupMe Chats to support and answer questions daily, meet up weekly to discuss assignments and debrief from class videos and help to make sure we were all on the same page. 

In 5317, the assignments were few but mighty. When discussing our first assignment of article publication with my group in our group chat, we listed out the pieces we felt should be included in our rubric, how we would utilize it, and most importantly a time frame that would allow everyone enough time to provide constructive feedback before our due dates. Within our group, I scored the articles of my other group members, provided feedback on text structure and presentation. In return, I got amazing feedback on my article draft and was able to make some changes that I felt amped it up and supported my ideas. As intimidating as it sounds to have so many sets of eyes on something you aren’t quite ready to share publicly, I am grateful for the support and critique! We utilized feedforward strategies and spent time on each other’s ePortfolios reading through and providing detailed feedback. This was extremely important for me because after looking and working on the same thing for hours on end, I know there are mistakes and things that I had missed in the beginning. 

Our second assignment was to produce a podcast lasting at least 45 minutes. This assignment was the most intimidating because I hate to hear myself talk! I was absolutely terrified to share my thoughts with the world. Unlike writing, once it’s spoken, you can’t erase it. I lost count of how many times I had to start over because my words just did not work! My podcast was not one that I collaborated with my group members on for the recording, but instead I used their support to bounce ideas off of and help with the act of recording. Knowing that I could rely on my teammates for honest feedback made the process less daunting. We used our group chat to share ideas, links to other education podcasts, and feedback on our scripts and podcasts. 

I just took one course this term and felt that I was able to utilize my time in a much more productive way than I have in the past, and make connections to the pieces I have created for this program. When writing my publication article, I was able to use pieces and resources from my literature review I wrote with Dr. H. This is the kind of work that I enjoy! Knowing that what I am creating today will definitely fit in this puzzle at some point makes it worth it in the long run. I was able to share pieces of prior work and new resources with my group and in turn used what they shared as I updated my literature review and made progress on my publication article. This course would have been very difficult without the support of my peers in the discussion posts, and my group members during our weekly chats. 

In my discussion posts for 5317, I read the required materials and watched the videos before responding. Then, I referenced the materials and cited my assignments and responses to other classmates.  I  have been working on my response time to other discussion posts this course. This has been my biggest struggle with being in class during the start of my school year. I had set expectations of myself to stay ahead of the discussions and assignments but I found myself puttin class second to my teaching job.  I really had to work on my time management for this course, and while it’s not where I would like it to be right now, I’ve made progress.  

My self grade for 5317 is a 94/100. I met key contributions and supporting contributions for this class. I do acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in time management, collaborating and learning.