Digital Communication and Collaboration

Innovation in Education

The use of technology in the classroom is said to be one of the top 15 failures of American Public Education with lack of teacher innovation following close behind. What if I can link these two failures in a way that’s geared to meet the needs of modern-day education and my students? 

Students need to have choice in their learning and I believe that allowing students to do so with the implementation of ePortfolios will increase educational ownership. My original innovation proposal was to implement ePortfolios in all classes grades 1-5 on my campus using a host site.

I spent hours reading through research supported reviews of the benefits of ePortfolio implementation and looking at examples of other classrooms that were already using them. Having the summer to sift through all of the options out there, I settled on implementing with just my group of 5th grade students and using Google Slides as opposed to a paid host site. The long term goal is to implement within all grades and classes on my campus within two years.

Moving Forward with Implementation

My innovation plan of implementing ePortfolios in my classroom is in full swing. Over the last 3 months my students have been able to experience creating and using their ePortfolios in our science class and are thoroughly enjoying the process. Linked below, you will find my first of many podcasts discussing the struggle with realizing things needed to change in my classroom, what I felt I and my students needed from the changes, and what that ended up looking like with 5th graders.

ePortfolio Article Publication

Presented with the opportunity to write a piece for publication, I knew exactly what I would write about. ePortfolios, when used cohesively and consistently, can completely change the educational experience for children. I focused on the research behind ePortfolio use and my experience with implementing them in my classroom. My article is in the final stages of draft and will then be submitted for publication. If it is not accepted, I will be posting it here.

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