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5320 Contribution to My Learning and the Learning Community

I am wrapping up my journey with Lamar this term with Synthesis of ADL: 5320.  This course required the use of multiple pieces of work that I have completed with previous instructors. This meant that I was able to revisit pieces that I felt were not finished to my liking and polish them up just…

5318 Contribution to my Learning and the Learning Community

For the second Fall session at Lamar I was in the EDLD 5318 Instructional Design course. Out of  all of the other courses I have taken, 5318 was the one that really allowed me to start making connections and putting things in place for my professional learning course. Using connections I was able to pull…

Is it long enough?

We have tools to measure for lengths of all sorts of things in our lives……everything except professional learning. How do we begin to judge if it’s long enough or not quite there yet? Peer feedback? Audience engagement? Does having a shorter video to watch mean more engagement and willingness to do it? For me, I…