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Leading Change with Why

Sense of Urgency

Our world of education is quickly changing and becoming more and more technological based. My district is currently a one-one district with every student having access to the internet and a personal Chromebook.  Having the opportunity to immerse our students in an educational environment that is technologically based is not one to be missed.  As educators, we are tasked with shifting our teaching approach to do what is best for our students. The soul purpose of integrating technology in schools is to improve students’ achievement by giving them the opportunity to make connections, reflect or self assess, and learn. Sometimes that purpose is missed. Integrating technology for all ages and subjects provides students with opportunities to have choice, voice and ownership of their learning and the process. The use of ePortfolios in the classroom setting gives students time to reflect on their learning, self assess when needed,  begin to build their own academic identities, and follow their progress.  

I believe that students deserve the opportunity to develop personal skills and a love for learning that will allow them to become lifelong learners. By engaging all students in ePortfolio use in the classroom, we are preparing a future of self assessing and growing learners.  Educators worldwide want what is best for our students, and by remembering our why and keeping this purpose  front and center, we can reach those goals that we all have in common and make a difference!

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