Professional Learning Communities

Learning communities in the professional world of education are exceptionally supportive….if you can find the right fit for yourself. I’ve always struggled with finding a landing spot for myself as a teacher. A place where I can feel inspired as well as educated. Many just scratched the surface but I have found a handful that are invaluable for where I’m at in my career right now. Here you have an abundance of people. WANTING to help you and INSPIRE you. You have fellow teachers that mentor through challenging time. Place to share ideas, projects and goals.

Of course, just as it should, these learning communities may not be a fit for every one and THAT IS OK!

Kasey Bell does a phenomenal job of reaching every aspect of teaching! Not only can I find lesson inspiration but she links free courses on all things google and digital learning.
ATPE is where it’s at for any type of teacher benefits of legal information. ATPE advocates for teachers like no other professional organization I’ve been a part of.
Te@ch With ICT
Better Math Teaching and American Institutes for Research have been my go-to this year for reaching my higher level math and science kids. I have a handful of students that are excelling in high school level math at just 10 years old and BMT is a high school based resource. AIR offers an elaborate amount of research articles where I can find strategies for moving these kiddos along at their current level!
New to teaching science this year and this Facebook group has been a life saver! So many fellow educators joining up to collaborate and help!
I too fell into the BItmoji craze during the pandemic and teaching from home! What I love about this group is that not only do they incorporate the use of BitMojis but the sheer amount of resources that every member pushes out is remarkable. There hasn’t been a single search that hasn’t brought multiple results for what I was needing!