Professional Learning Plan

For the 2021-2022 school year, I will be proposing an implementation of the use of ePortfolios in our 5th grade classrooms. The goal will be to shift to school wide by the end of 2022 and possibly move towards district wide implementation. The Professional Learning Plan to implement ePortfolios is based on the need for students to have voice, choice and take take ownership of their learning. The plan will be modified and adjusted over time, but the foundation created will provide our campus educators and administrators with a schedule of the process and timeline for full implementation.

For the upcoming school year, our campus will meet every Monday. The content and times will vary based off of needs and grade level participation. This weekly PL will be the time used for all teacher required PL on ePortfolios as well as an ongoing opening every Tuesday after school hours for more one on one coaching with teacher created ePortfolios. It is my hope that with these two very specific times that my cohort will feel prepared and intentional with implementing ePortfolios into their classrooms.