Professional Learning

I’ve preached and preached that I was done with school. I was done writing papers and reading books that were of no real interest at times. Then COVID came rearing its ugly unwanted head into the middle of our lives, the lives of our students, and the jobs that we so preciously love. What was I supposed to do in a virtual classroom with a bundle of 9 year olds? Technology wasn’t anything I had taken serious enough to be able to feel successful at this new task we were facing.

We mustered our way through virtual learning and started school face to face. I thought I was done with technology and couldn’t possibly think of a better thing to move to the back burner. My kids came bright eyed in August and I felt a change. I could tell they needed access to the outside world and the opportunity to make connections.

Someone mentioned Lamar and their technology programs. That someone was a fellow teacher who I secretly envied. Her implementation of technology in her classroom blew me away. She got it. She understood what their needs were and how to provide that for them.

Without the pandemic, envy worthy teachers and the nudge to learn more, I do not believe that I would have saw the connection between the need for technological changes in our district and knowing I could change that. I’ve been provided the tools to use and now I just have to put them to work. One course at a time.