Questions and Curiosity

Can you prepare learners to question and be curious or is it something they are born doing? I think all kids are born questioning life and everything out there and are so very curious about what lays ahead but something changes it. Blaming just the education system sounds a bit harsh but it truly might be. Kids are brought to school to learn and grow and become future leaders….or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. On the contrary students come to school and are immediately immersed in the collection and the connections are stifled. I don’t do it purposefully, more out of habit and sense of feeling rushed to cover content. It’s much easier to tell Johnny we can visit that question later in the day and move on with our “have to know” content. Much easier but much less impactful. 

I didn’t learn like I know my students need to learn. That’s why the transition from learning styles seems to be so difficult. What I do know though is that allowing my students to take the time to be curious and ask questions, reinforces those connections and creativity.


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