5320 Contribution to My Learning and the Learning Community

I am wrapping up my journey with Lamar this term with Synthesis of ADL: 5320.  This course required the use of multiple pieces of work that I have completed with previous instructors. This meant that I was able to revisit pieces that I felt were not finished to my liking and polish them up just a bit. WIth that, I found this course to be one of my most helpful so far. Being given the time to go back and look at where I started with my Innovation Project and compare it to where I am currently has definitely helped this whole process come full circle. 

My groups look a bit different for this course. Only one of my former group members, Maria Rodman, is still taking classes with me but I was also still able to utilize my other group members that have already finished the program.  We were able to collaborate daily through GroupMe chats. The feedback she provided on my updated innovation plan and connecting all the pieces for the implementation were extremely helpful.

One of the first tasks that I took on was revisiting my original innovation plan and starting the update process. Not much had changed since the beginning but enough that it needed a bit of a revamp. In doing so, I realized just how much of the planning process I had actually soaked up. Taking these steps out into other projects is going to be such a great benefit!

In my discussion posts for this course, I read the required materials and watch the videos that were assigned before responding to others.This semester I have been working on my work-life-school balance. This is the first course that I have felt it lean more to one side and the adjustment has not been easy. I started the course off with an empty plate and schedule and I was expecting myself to stay ahead of the discussions and assignments. I found myself putting things off simply because I felt like I had to choose certain tasks to complete.  Time management for this course had to be my focus and needed to be kept front and center or else I found myself procrastinating.

My self grade for 5320 Synthesis of Applied Digital Learning Capstone is a 91/100  because I met all key contributions and supporting contributions for this class. I do acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in time management, collaborating and learning.

 I am so pleased with the program here at Lamar and enjoyed every bit of learning and growing that I got to experience. The professors truly enjoy what they are doing and it’s so very evident that this program is something special to each of them. Thank you for a wonderful experience Lamar!


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