New Culture in the Making?

From the moment we are born our parents speak uniqueness over us. As adults, we push for kids to find what makes them unique and embrace it! When those same kids step into a classroom their unique qualities just about disappear. It becomes extremely difficult to continue to march to your own beat when you are seen as nothing more than a pass or fail score on a test. This is the new normal. Maybe not so much new. Douglas Thomas nails it when he says that normalization is toxic.  Teachers are treated like all other teachers. Students like all others. Individualization and creativity is nonexistent in so many classrooms. 

I know I feel such a push to cover x,y, and z that there is little to no time left to teach creatively. No time for students to learn how to learn in a way that is productive and customized for them. Many of my students attend after school curriculum programs. I had almost double this year than what I have had in the years before. One of my parents opened up about what they love about it and why they chose it and it all boils down to the fact that their student is being given the opportunity to pull all of her interests together in one educational setting. This particular student loves to learn and her passion for it had started to dwindle as she moved through grade school. Why isn’t this something that all public schools offer? Why do we feel that our classrooms must be schedule constrained and an environment solely focused on successful scores?

TEDx Talks. (2012, September 12) A New Culture of Learning, Douglas Thomas at TEDxUFM [Video]. .


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